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Have you ever wondered how the next revolution in wearable technology will unfold? At inTruth, we're working on a pioneering project that will redefine the boundaries of emotional wellness and human-machine interaction. By merging cutting-edge machine learning with rigorous scientific research, we're poised to introduce a whole new dimension to wearable technology—emotional intelligence.

The Problem Space:

We’re diving headfirst into the exciting challenge of quantifying human emotions. The ultimate aim? To translate these complex and subjective emotional experiences into objective, quantifiable data – and build the foundations of a new, more compassionate and altruistic world.

The world is at the precipice of unparalleled transformation. The most important thing we require from our leaders right now is a connection to our innate humanity. Our spiritual evolution must remain on par with technological advancement. I am confident that the inTruth team and I have created one of the most important products of our time.

Nicole Gibson
Founder of inTruth Technologies

The Science of Emotions

Our platform employs the Circumplex Model of Affect by James A. Russell, a groundbreaking framework that challenges traditional theories of basic emotions by offering a two-dimensional space for understanding emotional states: arousal (level of excitement) and valence (positivity or negativity). Unlike theories that suggest each emotion is generated by a distinct neural system, the Circumplex Model provides a more nuanced, interconnected view of our emotional landscape.

We offer a scientifically accurate measure that is foundational in universal studies of arousal and valence, yet deeply personal to the individual, reflecting their unique affective features, circumstances, and experiences. We believe that by making these affective states of the body visible, we provide the necessary feedback loop for individuals to take back control of their emotions and train their brain to make sense of their sensations differently

The project aims to develop a reliable methodology for emotion recognition using wearable devices. The proposed model is based on a recent study that applied recursive random forest for feature elimination and support vector machine for feature classification with a 100% accuracy using galvanic skin responses. This demonstrates the potential for non-invasive real-time emotion detection from physiological signals extracted from wearable devices. Notably, this technology has vast implications for the field of mental health, market research, BCI, education/learning and sports. Taken together, it has potential to revolutionise our understand of human emotions.

Dr Kaushik Ram
Neuroscientist & Chief Science Advisor

Proven Scientific Rigour

Our scientific credibility is firmly rooted in empirical research. We’ve successfully completed a preliminary study in Australia and are now expanding our efforts to studies in Brazil and the USA. These rigorous studies aim to validate our methods and refine our machine-learning algorithms.
This partnership is not merely a business alliance. It is a collective movement to shift the paradigm of health and personal data. By joining forces, they aim to create better, more effective alternatives rooted in human principles. Their journey toward empowering consumers, protecting data and elevating human consciousness is a beacon of hope in an age dominated by surveillance capitalism.

Elias Arjan
Co-Founder and CEO of PRUVN:

Heart Rate Variability (HRV): The Nexus

Our focus is on Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a key physiological metric intimately connected to the nervous system. HRV has the potential to offer deep insights into stress levels, emotional resilience, and overall well-being, positioning us at the forefront of emotional technology.

The Expanding Frontier

Beyond HRV, our research also explores other physiological signals like Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), and we are open to including new metrics as technology evolves. Additionally, we are poised to conduct one of the largest emotional well-being surveys ever, further solidifying our thought leadership in the emotional intelligence space.

Partnership with Integrity and Vision

Our aim is to partner with organizations that share our customer-centric data and privacy policy, emphasizing the need for ethical, authentic, and meaningful applications of emotional data. But our aspirations go even further. Inspired by the Love Out Loud movement, we are committed to shaping a society where compassion, authenticity, and human connection exponentially scale alongside technology.

We are at the cusp of something transformative and are looking for visionary partners who align with our ethical and innovative aspirations. Are you excited about what we’re building and eager to contribute your expertise? Let’s get in touch.


The work of Nicole and her team is very exciting because it uses advanced technology to facilitate the psychological, spiritual and cultural transformation that is so direly needed to effectively deal with the challenges that lie ahead.

There are many interesting theories of change out there, but this is certainly one to pay close attention to.

Thomas Holm
Co-Founder Leapfrog Products

A Message to Our Prospective Investors

At inTruth, we are pioneering a transformative approach to emotional well-being and resilience. Our platform leverages cutting-edge technology, offering real-time tracking and actionable insights to users around the globe. As we navigate this exciting journey, we’re seeking investors who share our vision and commitment to revolutionizing emotional health.

Ideal partners would bring not only financial resources but also a deep understanding of healthcare tech, AI, and consumer wearables. Together, we aim to make emotional intelligence as accessible and actionable as physical fitness, all while delivering measurable impact and a strong return on investment.

As an early investor in Love Out Loud, I believe in Nicole. I believe in the mission of using love to create lasting change in this world. I believe we require a centered and strategic approach to building a more compassionate and altruistic society.

Love Out Loud has an X-factor that’s rarely seen in the startup space, an emergence of genius matched with relatability and humanness. LOL’s move into technology is a bold step towards the global impact the team is destined for. They are pioneering what leadership looks like in the new world and every company, at any size, would notably benefit from engaging their services and methodologies.

Chong Shi
Co-Founder Leapfrog Products

The Big Picture:

Our endgame is a market-ready product aimed at revolutionising mental health and emotional well-being. Imagine a wearable that not only knows you’re stressed before you do but also offers real-time interventions.


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