Once we’ve moved past a society based on fear…

What are we really
capable of?

inTruth’s mission is to help shift a critical mass of the population
from a cycle of fear into the age of human potential.


4% of the global population is living in a state of clear, confident self-knowing, making love-based choices toward a brighter world by 2030

This is just


What does our world look like when we're

ing from a place of love?

This is doable. Here’s why.

Global Change = 4% of the population (Approx 350M people)

4.3% of Monthly
YouTube Users

2.2% of Monthly
Instagram Users

8.1% of Monthly
Facebook Users

4.9% of Monthly
TikTok Users

6.5% SuperBowl

3.9% Amazon

4.4% Twitter

6.8% TikTok





How Change Works








We’re not giving you more noise.

We’re just training you in the body’s code…

So we can find out what we’re really capable of— Individually and together.

Today’s use of technology, media and marketing is designed to hijack our sense of self, and drive choices and actions for someone else’s agenda.
The solution is not to reject the power of technology or messaging… But to reinstate our skill and capacity of self-knowing in the modern world, and help people, leaders, parents and voters build a fitness for making conscious choices rooted in their own truth: Quickly, natively and measurably.
When enough of us are doing this, our natural capacity for acceptance and celebration of differences emerge, and new love-based choices begin to rapidly shape our world.

What if we…

Re-shape our relationship with technology… and built a better, more natural social sharing platform that left you feeling happy, inspired and alive?

This is all part of our plan.

Is it yours too?

Our Collaborators

The truth is...

Re-shaping our relationship with technology, as a way to strengthen choice, acceptance and creativity.

A missing bridge in the wearable tech and personal growth movement, bringing the power of thoughts and beliefs to the forefront of “wellness”.

The tech arm of a collaborative movement and organization for human potential, rooted in the belief that harmony on earth is achievable within our lifetimes (it’s really not such a radical idea).

Theory & Approach

For all you fact-finders… Here’s more details.


When did we lose this ability.. and how do we reclaim it?

We believe love is an actionable code within us, which moves us “toward” goals, and creates safety, harmony and evolution.

Fear, the opposite of love, is a temporary state that moves us “away” from perceived danger. This aids in raw survival— and when managed with skill, can lead to growth and evolution…

The human body is designed to reside in a state of love, and shift quickly from fear back to love after bursts of stress, as a native wiring that keeps us healthy and strong. This allows us to navigate a world of possibilities, and make clear, confident decisions toward higher and higher goals, informed by the truth of each moment.

Normally, we develop this skill at a young age through community, rites of passage, and a rate of stimulus that matches our capacity for moving from fear (stress, away) back to our natural state of love (presence, toward).

However as our world grows more noisy, we’ve lost the time, tools and space to navigate these shifts, creating a buildup of accumulated fear (stress) that causes damage to our system, and systemic harm to our world. We’ve seen this pattern echoed throughout history: Civilizations scaled to the brink of art, technology and abundance… and then crumbled to fear, war and stress.

We’re on the same path again… But we can change it.

The solution is not to reject technology and growth, but to match our capacity and “fitness” for moving from fear to love, with the pace of today’s possibilities. 

And we can.

Our hypothesis is that when people know who they are and choose from a clear sense of self, we are able to quickly and easily filter the noise of today’s world— and make strong, “toward” decisions for ourselves, our families, our communities… and our planet.

Once we finally break free of humanity’s survival cycle, we can begin exploring the true capacity of human design: The deeper mechanics of consciousness, human intention, and the impact of frequency on the material world around us.

This the stuff that really excites us.

Are you tracking?

How We’re Doing It

Through our global expansion plans introducing our technology through workshops and strategic partnerships, our aim is to guide a critical mass of people (4% of the population) in the skill of rapidly spotting and moving through stress and limiting beliefs in real-time, and making strong, clear decisions from a place of truth, clarity and confidence.

Studies show that this 4% alone, or just 350M people, can open the door to a new civilization based on love-based systems— as an actionable skill set we hypothesize is the key to unlocking untapped possibilities of our species.

With a critical mass of people fluent in the native skills our technology and practices help train, we foresee a creative renaissance— and a powerful society thriving not through urgency for agreement, but through valuing understanding over judgement, with the skill and capacity to know who we are— and accept, celebrate and thrive in our differences.

Are you or your organization part of the 4%?

We’re looking for innovators.

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