Join the InTruth Beta Program

Be the first to explore a new world of emotional health
Duration: “1 week of transformative emotional health.”
Limited Spots: “Only 100 spots available”


Group Coaching:

Two exclusive group coaching sessions during your test week.

Daily Reflections: 

Share your insights through daily surveys.


Engage with fun and enlightening challenges.


Join our closed messaging group for deeper discussions.

Be a Pioneer

Actively contribute to the app’s feature development. Your voice matters.

Global Impact

Be part of a groundbreaking initiative set to revolutionize emotional well-being for people worldwide.

What We Ask

  1. Device Purchase: You’ll need to purchase our specialized biometric watch to participate. The exact device details are coming soon. The best part? You get to keep it!
  2. Daily Feedback: We’re looking for participants willing to provide daily feedback through the app.
  3. Group Engagement: Be ready to actively engage in our closed messaging group and participate in the two weekly group coaching sessions.
  4. Challenges: You will be asked to complete various challenges designed to shift your emotional state.


3 Months of Free Subscription
to InTruth upon official launch!

Your input will directly shape
the app's future features.

Join an elite community making
a global impact on emotional wellness.

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Do I have to buy the biometric watch?

Yes, purchasing the watch is a requirement to join the beta test. You’ll be among the first to try this innovative device, and you get to keep it!

What kind of feedback are you looking for?

We’re interested in daily feedback on the app’s functionality, user experience, and the emotional insights you gain. We’ll have regular surveys and daily reflection prompts.

How active do I need to be in the group discussions and coaching sessions?

The more you put in, the more you get out. We expect active participation in both group discussions and coaching sessions for a well-rounded experience.

Can I join the beta program if I miss out on the first 100 slots?

Unfortunately, we’re limiting the program to 100 participants to ensure we can manage the process effectively and provide personalized support.

When is the app officially launching?

The official app launch is scheduled for shortly after the completion of the beta program, after we develop the features you ask us for. Stay tuned for exact dates!

What if I encounter technical issues during the beta test?

We will have a dedicated support channel to handle any technical difficulties you may experience.

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