The Future of Emotional Health

Unlock Your Emotional Intelligence with inTruth — The World's Most Advanced Emotion
Monitoring and Resilience-Building Platform.





Discover Your Emotional Truth in Near Real-Time.

Transform your emotional well-being and decision-making with inTruth’s groundbreaking technology. Experience personalised insights, real-time emotional tracking, and resilience-building exercises like never before.

Revolutionising Emotional Health

inTruth is not just another wellness app; it’s a movement. We’re pioneering a new conversation around emotional awareness, capacity, and resilience. Our mission aligns with Love Out Loud’s vision of creating a civilization of love by 2030.

How it works

Real-Time Emotional Tracking

Wear one of our compatible consumer wearables and let inTruth do the rest. Our advanced machine learning algorithms analyze your biometrics to map your emotional states in near real-time.

Guided Self-Reflection and Emotional Processing

Beyond just resilience-building exercises, we offer tools for emotional processing and reflection, helping you engage more deeply with your emotional states.

Personalized Insights

Decode complex emotional patterns and recognize triggers and responses. Our AI-powered analysis equips you with actionable insights tailored to your unique emotional blueprint.

Data Privacy & Security

We take data privacy and security extremely seriously. Your data belongs to you and you alone. We are committed to the highest standards of confidentiality and will never sell your data. Our upcoming Privacy Charter will outline how we protect your information and give you control over it.

Unlock Your True Potential

Emotional Self-Awareness:

Dive deep into your emotional patterns and eliminate the guesswork in self-discovery.

Mental Well-Being:

Transform emotional reactivity into self-control and resilience.

Achievement & Growth:

Optimize your routine and reach success, no matter the circumstances.

Performance & Success:

Sharpen your decision-making and live a life aligned with your emotional needs.


Coming Soon!

We’re excited to share the transformative stories from our users. Stay tuned!

Evidence-Based Effectiveness

We’re committed to scientific rigor. Our upcoming research studies aim to validate the effectiveness of inTruth in supporting emotional well-being and decision-making.

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Join Our Closed Beta Program

Be among the first to experience the future of emotional health and well-being. We’re launching a limited, closed beta program this year and invite you to be a part of this exclusive journey. Click to learn more and apply for your spot in shaping the next revolution in emotional intelligence.

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